Nice bathing facilities

Two nice bathing places in the immediate vicinity 

Exercise loops in different degrees of difficulty

4 Leads ready with us at Lillesjö cottage rental in Dalsland

Red 4.5 km Fairly tough terrain

Blue 3.1 km Half tough terrain

Yellow 1.6 km Varying terrain

Green 1.7 km Here you can go with a pram when it has dried up.

These are suitable for walking, running or mountain biking (can be a bit tricky in places, thinking mainly of mountain biking then)

2 picnic tables with a roof by Lillsjön that can accommodate 6-8 people at each table

The jetty with bathing ladder is now ready :-)

4 Canadians, an 2 echo is lying there and bouncing now :-)

When you rent from us, you can borrow our Canadensare and our Eka for free, there are life jackets to borrow as well. Everyone has access to this, so with many guests you get to take turns.


To discover nearby

           The village of Bäckefors  

  Some pictures of what is 2 km from the cottages            

 Baldersnäs Manor is another must, to visit when in Dalsland. It is located on a promontory in Laxsjön, The areas around the manor house consist of unspoilt Dalmatian nature with beautiful lakes and forests. 2.7 miles from the cottage

 Dalsland Canal begins in Köpmannebro by Vänern It was built in 1864, and 254 km and 31 locks later it was completed, in 1868. a single mile buried channel, the rest is natural lake system. The best view from the ground is the aqueduct in Håverud 2.6 miles from the cottage

This amazing experience center is only 1.8 miles from us


Do 10 fights with your friends climb, ride, watch moose, ride the high-altitude course, enjoy.

Then go "home" to us and enjoy the silence and relax

One evening i Juli 2019

One evening in July, we had the privilege of having friends here who cooked amazing food for us. just wanted to share this card to try to get you to understand MAGIN that night.

Magic moments