Welcome to Dalsland

A Sweden in miniature 

Our Paradise

Hello and welcome to us.

Like the rest of Dalsland, this place is a miniature Sweden. And we will do everything in our power to make your stay with us as good as possible. If you have any special requests, ask us we will do our very best to try to fulfill them.

This is located in direct connection to lakes (fishing licenses) and swimming and new for this year, we have made cut latv 4 pieces of different exercise tracks and lengthsnice prepared forest trails in a peaceful environment, also suitable for mountain biking for those who rent one of our three objects. Individual but still very close (about 2 km) Bäckefors community which is a connecting point for buses. Large Playground volleyball field football field boules Lovely Outdoor gym Electric light track, petrol station with inn (Sibylla), a shop, a pizzeria, hair salon, ATM, emergency center , veterinary station etc.

Dogs are welcome, but they must be kept connected outdoors if you do not have full control of it so it comes directly upon calling. There are many wildlife in the area so we want them to live undisturbed.

If you want to enjoy peace and quiet, then Dalsland is perfect. Forests & lakes everywhere.

The idea of the whole concept is that you should be able to enjoy the silence and recover in this fantastic environment. That's why we care about ALL our guests. Show consideration for each other and no large parties are allowed. If you don't rent all three houses at the same time, we have a total of 24 beds + a few caravan/car places to rent. If you rent everything, you can have parties, etc. We have a folder in all three cabins with tips on activities nearby and where to throw sorted waste.


Annalena & Håkan

The sustainability step !!

Of course we are there, and we are working on getting even better :-)

Lillesjö Cottage rental

Lillesjö Stuguthyrning has bought lots and lots of used fine furniture for our cottages. The kitchens are also bought second-hand and we ourselves think that we could not find better new ones. We have a great recycling station very close by that we refer to.

To save on water consumption, we have installed low-flush toilets. We also have geothermal heating to save energy.

We also plan to set up some electrically charged car poles

In association with



Our Three living quarters

The villa

The villa with 10 beds, huge fully equipped kitchen with space for many.  toilet with shower,   washing machine and dryer TV room with space for 14 people on the sofa Large living room upstairs 

The villa is 240 sq meters

3000 / Swedish kronor  per day for rent at least 2 days at a time



Top cottage

With  Sleeps 10

2 bedrooms / 1 living room (2 beds) / kitchen  2 toilet with shower  washing machine

Top cottage 130 square meters

2000 / Swedish kronor  per day for rent at least 2 days at a time



Small cozy cottage

with four beds Kitchen / living room / toilet with shower and washing machine

Cozy cottage 30 square meters

900  Swedish kronor / per day 




The villa !

1 bedroom on the ground floor with a double bed 180 wide, a bunk bed = sleeps 4

Three bedrooms upstairs with two beds in each room = sleeps 6 

A total of 10 beds.

Top cottage

One bedroom with a double bed 180 wide, a bunk bed = sleeps 4

One bedroom with two single beds 90 wide, one bunk bed = sleeps 4

In the living room there are two single beds 90 wide = two beds

A total of 10 beds

The little cottage

A double bed 180 wide, a bunk bed = 4 beds

One of the novelties this year at Lillesjö cottage rental is that we have satellite dishes with two heads on all three houses. And wifi that covers all the houses using radio waves between them. The satellite dishes receive a huge number of foreign free channels and we have Allente large TV packages + Netflix. So should the weather be bad, there is a chance or if you just want to relax and take it easy.<br>

Please contact us for information and bookings

+46 707664089    aannalena@hotmail.com
+46 707664089 aannalena@hotmail.com

Lillesjö Stuguthyrning  

Lillesjö 1     66894 Bäckefors  

You can book either directly through us or we are   https://www.airbnb.se/users/242968009/listings?user_id=242968009&s=50

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Annalena Magnusson Klok


Håkan Magnusson